As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Ajover-Darnel created a program to contribute to the wellbeing of more than 1,300 full-time and part-time employees. The program seeks to match any voluntary donations our employees make to the Pasacaballos Fund. Pasacaballos is a community located near Cartagena, Colombia, where 80% of our employees of our Cartagena plant come from.

For each peso contributed voluntarily by one of our employees, Ajover-Darnel contributes another peso. These resources are then used for social and infrastructure projects for the Pasacaballos community.


The program has focused so far in furthering Pasacaballos and employee education. The Pasacaballos Fund has granted high school and university scholarships through the Mamonal Foundation and based on academic performance granted financial aid and time off work to pursue their studies.


Many in Pasacaballos have grown up with the notion that there is no further education beyond high school. This is why Ajover-Darnel strives to provide them with tools to empower them and allow them to take control of their future and reach their objectives. At Ajover-Darnel we work to expand the market for our high quality products around the world, investing each day in what we consider to be our company’s most valuable asset: our people.

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