AJOVER-DARNEL stimulates a recycling culture by constantly working with customers and companies to recover the greatest amount of recyclable material, and making consumers aware of the correct way to dispose of their products, ensuring the proper completion of their life cycle.

Through these initiatives we have:

• Recovered more than 630 billion PET bottles, which have been reused as raw material for the middle layer of Darnel PET containers.
• Recovered the equivalent of 1.5 million expanded polystyrene plates that have been reused as raw material for the production of school supplies, cleaning supplies, and plastic structures, among other applications.

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AJOVER-DARNEL shows its commitment to sustainable development by producing and implementing technologies that protect the environment. Our internal standards exceed the minimum legal requirements of the countries where our plants are located and we always seek to optimize the use of energy and natural resources in our products.

Thanks to this philosophy, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint by:

• Developing products with 100% recyclable materials.
• Implementing technologies that allow us to make savings in energy consumption of close to 80% in the past few years.
• Maintaining the environment surrounding our facilities by planting thousands of mangroves and trees around our production plants.
• Protecting water through technologies that allow us to manage industrial waste and sewage water appropriately, based on water re-circulation and recycling processes in our plants.
• Protecting the air by having certified chlorofluorocarbon-free foam products, as stipulated in the United Nations’ Montreal Protocol.
• Manufacturing food containers with a middle layer made from recycled post-consumption PET.